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What Happens When You Complete a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case?

By Robert J. Haeger |

Completing a bankruptcy payment plan under Chapter 13 may not seem easy, but it does bring a great many benefits for those who can stick with it. Unlike some Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, Chapter 13 petitioners are typically able to retain their property and can return to having a healthy credit score in less… Read More »

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How Chapter 13 Can Help You Strip a Second Mortgage

By Robert J. Haeger |

If you’re like many homeowners, your home is one of your most cherished possessions. You’ve made countless memories there with your family and have put thousands of dollars (and almost as many hours) into making it look and feel like home. If you’re having difficulty keeping up with first and second mortgage payments, you… Read More »

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What Happens to a Divorce Settlement Received during Your Bankruptcy?

By Robert J. Haeger |

When you’re filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, any property you own at the time of filing will be considered part of your estate. However, certain types of property received after you file for bankruptcy can also be included in your estate. If you’re going through a divorce during a bankruptcy, this could result… Read More »

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What Happens During an Asset Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

By Robert J. Haeger |

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly known as “liquidation bankruptcy,” as the bankruptcy trustee has the right to sell any of the debtor’s assets or property that isn’t covered by an exemption. If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you may be scared of losing items you need or want to keep through a sale… Read More »

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Veterans Notified of Their Right to Discharge Student Loans if New Bill Becomes Law

By Robert J. Haeger |

Despite being one of the most common—and most crippling—forms of debt in the US, student loan debt is one of the few forms of unsecured debt that cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy filing. With more and more Americans going to college and graduate school who are forced to incur hundreds of thousands of… Read More »

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Bankruptcy Could Help You Recover Garnished Wages

By Robert J. Haeger |

If you’ve been struggling to pay your bills for a long time, you may have had your wages garnished by one of your creditors along the way. If you decide to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, there may be a way for you to get some of those wages back from the creditor… Read More »

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What Is an Adversary Proceeding in Bankruptcy?

By Robert J. Haeger |

By and large, bankruptcy actions tend to run smoothly. So long as debtors provide accurate information on their debts and financial history to their attorneys, lawyers generally know what to expect will happen during a case. That said, some bankruptcies may become more complicated should a creditor file an adversary proceeding against the debtor…. Read More »

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The Benefits of Surrendering Collateral in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By Robert J. Haeger |

When considering filing for bankruptcy, there are lots of good reasons you might choose to file under Chapter 13 rather than Chapter 7. Many debtors make this choice based on the property they own. Perhaps you need to keep a vehicle that you use to get to work, but it wouldn’t be covered by… Read More »

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The Effect of Bankruptcy on a Rental Lease

By Robert J. Haeger |

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, you may be concerned about the effect of a filing under Chapter 7 on your living situation. If you’re currently a renter in an apartment or house, bankruptcy could have an impact on whether or not you remain in your home after the bankruptcy is over, and it… Read More »

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Avoiding a Judgment Lien in Bankruptcy

By Robert J. Haeger |

One of the most important reasons to speak with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible after you begin to fall behind on making payments on your debts is because of the threat of judgment liens. Judgment liens can transform a debt that would have been eliminated in bankruptcy into one that not… Read More »