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Bankruptcy Stigma Fading As More Older Americans File

By Robert J. Haeger |

Americans aged 65 years and older are filing for personal bankruptcy in record numbers, according to recent studies.  While filing for bankruptcy is no one’s ideal scenario, it is a useful and common tool for individuals facing mounting credit card and other debt.  Continue reading for more about this trend among older Americans that… Read More »

Debt collector collecting debt from consumer

New Maryland Law Protects Against Abusive Lenders and Debt Collectors

By Robert J. Haeger |

A new Maryland law offers additional state regulation of lending and debt collection in order to protect consumers from predatory lending practices.  Most of the changes went into effect October 1, 2018, while some do not kick in until January 1, 2019.  Read on for details about the new law, the Financial Consumer Protection… Read More »

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Will I Lose My Car if I Declare Bankruptcy?

By Robert J. Haeger |

If you are considering bankruptcy, you may worry that you will lose your car in the process.  Losing a car can create a difficult disruption in your life and your ability to continue generating income following the bankruptcy.  Luckily, filing for bankruptcy does not automatically mean giving up your car, even if you have… Read More »

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Try These Simple Six Steps to Work on Your Debt

By Robert J. Haeger |

If you find yourself staring down an increasing amount of consumer debt, you may be overwhelmed at the prospect of paying it off. Sometimes you need an outside perspective on simple steps you can take to chip away at mounting debt before it grows out of control. Read on to learn about tips to… Read More »

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Perpetrators of Maryland Foreclosure Prevention Fraud Scheme Convicted

By Robert J. Haeger |

In a recent press release, the Maryland wing of the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced the conviction in federal court of three executives of companies that offered fraudulent foreclosure prevention services.  Continue reading for details about the case, and if you are facing foreclosure, contact a genuine, experienced foreclosure defense attorney for help. Defendants create… Read More »

Button the reads mislead - referring to misleading consumers with predatory practices

CFPB Wins $21 Million Judgment Against Predatory Maryland Debt Relief Firms

By Robert J. Haeger |

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently won a default judgment against two Maryland debt relief firms for misleading consumers about their debt-relief programs.  Read on to learn about the case, and if you are worried about the debt you face, seek the help of a legitimate and knowledgeable Maryland bankruptcy attorney to answer… Read More »

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Discharging Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy May Soon Be Easier

By Robert J. Haeger |

In the United States, student loan borrowers collectively owe almost $1.5 trillion in student debt.  A recent U.S. Department of Education report found that nearly 40% of those loans may go into default by 2023; the rates are even worse for students at for-profit schools.  Despite this massive burden, discharging either private or federal… Read More »

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Check This List for Signs You’re Inching Toward Debt Trouble

By Robert J. Haeger |

Most Americans have at least some consumer debt. In fact, accruing and, subsequently, paying back consumer debt is the only way to create a credit history that financial institutions can use when considering your application for loans to purchase large items. That said, whether due to a tragic injury or illness, the loss of… Read More »

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Past-Due Income Tax Debts? How Filing for Bankruptcy Can Help

By Robert J. Haeger |

Tax season has arrived. If you owe back taxes, this time of year may bring renewed worry about how you’ll manage to satisfy the tax debts you owe along with paying your other debts. Most people assume that bankruptcy can’t help reduce the amount of a debtor’s past-due income taxes, but this isn’t entirely… Read More »

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What is Debt Reaffirmation, and When Should You Do It?

By Robert J. Haeger |

If you file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, one of the most important decisions you may need to make during the bankruptcy process is whether or not to reaffirm certain debts. This decision requires serious thought and is one that may benefit from professional advice. Read on to learn more about reaffirming debt in… Read More »