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Firm Overview

Robert J. Haeger and his staff at Haeger Law LLC are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients, who primarily are honest consumers who are getting the “wrong end of the stick” in our system, where all the cards seem unfairly stacked against you. Our firm is devoted to helping the little guy or gal successfully challenge the unfair and deceptive practices of our country’s credit and mortgage goliaths, and “turn the tables” on your adversaries. You have important and valuable consumer protection rights that too often you do not assert because you lack the knowledge and skill. We can help you change that and become empowered.

We are a boutique firm that focuses on counseling each client rather than a high-volume practice where your interests often are overlooked. Accordingly, we are selective about the cases we will accept, ensuring that each client we represent receives the benefit of our experience and passion. We also utilize the latest in law office technology to maximize efficiency and maintain reasonable rates.

The firm has established a reputation within the legal community for our commitment to excellence in our legal practice and our dedication to our clients. Mr. Haeger is a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA), where he regularly attends their extensive continuing legal education seminars and conferences to stay on the cutting edge of consumer advocacy.

Contact If you are seeking relief from your financial problems, or if you are a victim of unfair or deceptive practices of a bottom fishing debt buyer, or a mortgage lender, servicer, or broker, contact us by email, or call us at 888-463-3520 to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Mr. Haeger’s law office is conveniently located near the Milestone Shopping Center in Germantown at 11403 Seneca Forest Circle, Germantown, MD 20876, where hours are by appointment only.