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Foreclosure Defense Attorney

You Can Save Your Home

You have worked hard to own your own home, but now your dream is threatened and you do not know where to turn for help. The good news is that affordable and effective help from a Maryland “Super Lawyer” is just one phone call away.

There are a number of very effective ways I can help you save your home, depending on your needs.

Wrongful Foreclosures Can Be Stopped

If you believe the foreclosure lawsuit never should have been filed, Maryland foreclosure law provides important protections against unlawful foreclosure sale of your home, including safeguards against “robo” signed papers and foreclosing lenders that lack standing to enforce your note.

Use Foreclosure Mediation To Get An Affordable Loan Modification

If you fell behind on your mortgage payments due to illness, unemployment, or some other temporary problem, and are now able to resume them but need help with the arrears, you are entitled to court ordered mediation in Maryland foreclosure court to help you get an affordable mortgage modification, solve your mortgage default, and cancel the foreclosure sale.

Bankruptcy Can Improve Your Life

You also may be eligible to use the very powerful federal bankruptcy laws to immediately stop the foreclosure sale of your home. Bankruptcy also can get rid of junior liens on your home like home equity liens, judgment liens, and tax liens. And bankruptcy also can reduce what you have to pay on your car loan to keep it, and get your other debts released for just pennies on the dollar. When I explain what bankruptcy can do for you, you may feel it’s too good to be true.

Bankruptcy is not as scary as you think. And if you are married, only one spouse needs to file bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure sale of your marital home. Also, your friends, neighbors, and family usually never learn about your bankruptcy unless you tell them.

I have been successfully helping folks like you save their Maryland homes from foreclosure sale since 1985. As a foreclosure defense attorney, I have the experience solving problems like yours that you can rely upon.

Do yourself a favor and give me a call at 888-463-3520 or send me an email. I will help you find the best way to overcome your debt problems and regain your peace of mind.