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Mortgage Modification Attorney

You have fallen seriously behind on your mortgage payments but you want to stop foreclosure and keep your dream alive of owning your own home. You have tried to get help from your mortgage lender but it either never gives you a straight answer or it has refused your pleas for help. You have used a free housing counselor but they have been unable to get you what you need. You are at your wits end and feeling frustrated and powerless

Don’t despair. Help from a Maryland board certified “Super Lawyer” is just one phone call away.

If you qualify, our mortgage modification attorney can help you get an affordable mortgage modification even if you’ve already been turned down. I’ve done it for some of my other clients and I can do it for you.

The Key To Success

The key to success is having your mortgage lender take you seriously, and the best way to do that is to have an experienced lawyer on your team to assert your rights and fight for you.

The first thing I will do to help you is learn all about your situation:

  • Can you begin making reasonable monthly mortgage payments?
  • How much can you afford each month?
  • How much is your gross monthly household income?
  • How much is your home worth today?
  • How much is your total mortgage loan balance?
  • Are there any other liens on your home?
  • When was your mortgage taken out?
  • Why did you fall behind?

Send me an email me with answers to those questions. Tip the scales in your favor and email me today.