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“I highly recommend Mr. Heager . He handled my chapter 13 bankruptcy. He was very attentive and answered all my questions. I was able to do all my dealings with him by phone, e-mail and fax. So I didn’t have to travel to his office. He did a great job in court and was even able to get my second mortgage removed on top of all my other debts. He kept on top off any problems that came up. Great bang for the buck too. Very reasonable rates. Just a nice guy to deal with.”

Bernard S.

“I just wanted to thank both of you now that we have our discharge from the court. It is said that after encounters, people remember how you made them feel rather than the words you spoke.

You both were so professional and personable.  Bankruptcy is not conducive to good feelings but the way you handled us left us feeling cared for.

A thousand thanks for your service.”

Val Gatling

“My husband and I contacted Mr. Bob Haeger to help us with our tremendous financial burden over two years ago. From our very first meeting with Mr. Haeger he immediately made us feel at ease and comfortable with intrusting him to help us with our difficult situation. Our situation was unique and quite a complicated case which took over 2 years to finalize. Mr. Haeger listened to our situation intently and answered all of our questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. The information that we received from Mr. Haeger was very helpful and helped us make our final decision about filing bankruptcy Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Upon filing bankruptcy with Mr. Haeger, all of the collection calls and letters stopped. There were many times that we didn’t think we could go on. My husband and I were put at ease knowing that we could finally breathe again and begin living our lives the way we had always envisioned. Mr. Haeger was always been positive and fought the hard fight on our behalf. After the bankruptcy process was finalized Mr. Haeger extended himself to us and has answered any and all questions we have had after the bankruptcy process was completed. He still continues to be available should we have any question of which there have many. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Haeger and we would recommend him to any person in need of bankruptcy assistance. Mr. Haeger has become more than an attorney, we consider him a true friend.”

Michael and Joanne

“My wife and I found ourselves with a large debt due to having two mortgages. I talked to a friend of mine who told me that he had a great lawyer who helped him with his situation and could give me his number if i needed. So I contacted the lawyer and told him about our situation. After the lawyer looked into the situation, he decided that he would be able to assist us. He listened to our every concern and kept us informed on every detail. When we started filling for bankruptcy the mortgage company increased the monthly payment that we pay on the first loan. When the lawyer saw what the mortgage company had done he realized that it was against the law. So he sued the mortgage company and after that the mortgage company company agreed to reduce the cost on the first mortgage by over forty-five thousand dollars. He also got the mortgage company to pay most of our attorney fees. We were able to get rid of the second mortgage and now we only have one mortgage thanks to him. He is a great lawyer and the best thing that has happened to my wife and i for a long time. His ability to help our situation was a great relief.”

George A.

“Although I live in Bel Air and Mr. Haeger is in Germantown he was able to help me without having to come to his office by using telephone, email and fax. My lender denied me a loan modification but Mr. Haeger got them to change their mind after he filed a law suit against them. He even had to fight against my bankruptcy trustee and won every time.”

Michael G.

“My bankruptcy journey is complete. I contacted Mr. Haeger first with emails and questions. He answered very informatively and with expertise. I decided to retain him and he led me through the process which was hard but with a very great result. He, early on, said to me, “Don’t you worry, that is what you hire me for.” His service was outstanding and I am grateful that I chose him.”

Shirley B.

“We retained Mr. Haeger after meeting with several local attorneys regarding the necessity and ramifications of filing for bankruptcy. Mr. Haeger was very professional, timely, and candid which, anyone going through a bankruptcy can appreciate. He was always responsive to our needs and concerns from the beginning to the end. We are appreciative of the representation and respect Mr. Haeger provided.”

Jenny M.